What is a Boiler Room?


The Boiler Room Network is a worldwide family of missional and monastic communities committed to a shared life of 24-7 prayer, mission and justice. All Boiler Rooms are houses of prayer seeking to make a measurable difference amongst the poor and the lost.

"My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations" 

Mark 11:17

The first Boiler Room was established in a derelict pub in Reading, England in 2001. Inspired by the growing excitement around 24-7 prayer rooms locally, and by the ancient, ruined abbey which had once shaped the life of the town, the Reading Boiler Room combined continual prayer with creativity, hospitality and outreach. It had such a profound impact locally, both socially and spiritually, that the idea caught on and the Boiler Room model began self-seeding around the world.

Today there are Boiler Room communities in America, Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Northern Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland and Turkey with new ones starting all the time.

"The restoration of the church will surely come from a sort of new monasticism which has in common with the old only the uncompromising attitude of a life lived according to the Sermon on the Mount... I believe it is now time to call people together to do this"

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

‘Boiler Rooms come in many shapes and sizes. Some are more obviously monastic; they are ‘houses of prayer’ working alongside and within existing church traditions. Others are strongly prayerful non-denominational churches. All Boiler Rooms are united by genuine friendship, a shared set of values and a simple Rule of Life called The Mustard Seed Order. There is a clear process for joining the Boiler Room family.’